Paris Day 5

April 9 2017

Most of day 5 was spent outside of the city of Paris and in the city of Versailles. It began with our earliest wake up time of the trip followed by breakfast and a 30 minute train ride. Once we reached the Palace of Versailles, we endured the longest line that we would see for the whole trip. The line doubled back on itself several times. Once inside the palace, we we ushered along lines through the different rooms as though we were on a conveyor belt. While it was very nicely decorated and furnished, the tour was pretty underwhelming, but mostly because of the number of people. And selfie sticks. Selfie sticks are the worst invention ever. People walking around with their phones on long sticks so that they can point the phone back at themselves.

I hate them.

Anyway, after we left the palace, the real fun started. Had we known what we were about to do, we would have skipped the palace tour altogether and gone straight around to the side of the palace walls where the entrance to the vast open park is. We meandered around for hours, seeing the remaining buildings from a village from Marie Antoinette’s time (called the Hamlet) and some still-active farm areas.

The best decision of the day, and maybe the entire trip, was when we rented a paddle boat and paddled up and down the canal. The weather was beautiful and hot. It was super relaxing and should be on the top of anyone’s France to-do list. After Dallas foolishly sat in the sun way longer than necessary for a sunburn, we walked back through the town to get some pastry snacks and eventually back to the train station to go back to Paris.

Dinner this night was at the only restaurant that we went to twice and is still Amanda’s favourite Indian restaurant that she has ever been to. It is called Krishna Bhavan and has 4 locations in Paris, 3 of which are on the same block of the same street! Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys vegetarian Indian cuisine.

After dinner we enjoyed some ice cream back in the Montmartre neighbourhood and went to bed fairly early.

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